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Liztek PSS-100 firmware update

I would like to see a firmware update for the Liztek PSS-100. Even if it were just an alternative firmware to the existing one, it should provide for the following changes:

- detection of connected auxiliary jack at power on, and cancellation of auto-pairing if a connection is detected

- all operations sounds (power on, max volume and min volume) and voice prompts should default to the lowest possible volume level, and be linked to currently set volume

- voice prompts should be replaced by an alternate coded sound

I frequently use the speaker in quiet settings where I don't exactly want to broadcast to the world around me that I powered on the speaker, that pairing is being attempted, or that connection succeeded or failed. I find the set loud volume and quality of these prompts to be the speakers greatest flaw. Everything else about it is amazing an best-of-breed.

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